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This week we've decided to share some educational content from our friends at Adlaw Appraisals. You can find out more about who they are and what they do over on their website


This is a great read for those clients who are about to have an appraiser visit their home for the first time. I hope you enjoy it! 

7 Things to Expect During an Appraisal Visit


  1. The appraiser should show up on time and will have a business card to provide the homeowner or realtor upon arrival. 
  2. An appraisal visit is NOT a home inspection and can last anywhere from 10 minutes for a small condo up to 45 minutes for a detached single-family home. 
  3. The appraiser will look for positive or negative site influences, as well as the age and quality of the home. The appraiser will make notes on any updates to the property (ex. new kitchen, windows, landscaping, etc). If you have done substantial updates to your home, it is recommended to make a list of your updates and provide it to the appraiser at the time of the appointment.
  4. The appraiser will need full access to all of the rooms, suites, and outbuildings (including sheds and garages). The appraiser will also need to take a look at the electrical panel and mechanical room, so being aware of where these are located will ensure a smoother site visit. Lastly, the appraiser does NOT need access to the crawl space, the attic, the roof, or any amenities (in a stratified building/complex).
  5. The home does not have to be “showcase” ready but a general clean is recommended so the appraiser can see the quality of the flooring and condition of the countertops throughout the home.
  6. For mortgage financing appraisals, most lenders require a photo of every room on the property, including the garage and any outbuildings. With that, it is essential to be prepared to provide access to all areas of the property to avoid any delays to the financing or a re-visit, which will typically cost a re-inspection fee. 
  7. The report is always delivered via email to the client within 48 hours of visiting the property. ***Please note: "the client" in the appraisal process is the company or individual that initiated contact with the appraisal firm and submitted the appraisal request, regardless of who pays for the appraisal. This is often the bank who requested your appraisal OR your mortgage broker. 
If you have any questions, we are always at your service! Please do not hesitate to reach out to the Adlaw Appraisals team at 604-809-8506 or And don't hesitate to call or message Ryan any time if you have questions about how your appraisal fits into your mortgage approval!