October 26 2022 Bank of Canada 0.5% Rate Increase

On October 26, 2022 the Bank of Canada announced another 0.5% increase to the overnight rate, and by extension prime rate. This will impact variable rate mortgages, lines of credit, and plenty of other types of lending. Ryan discusses the short term implications, and what's anticipated to follow in the coming months.

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Bank of Canada lowers overnight rate target AGAIN, to 1/4% (.25%)

Hey everyone!  Since the start of the Covid-19 crisis, this has been an absolutely crazy year for all of us, including everyone involved in the financial sector. Canada's central bank has continued to drop it's policy rate as the crisis has evolved, in hopes of mitigating some of the economic destruction this crisis and lockdown has caused. They've now reached an 'overnight rate' of just 0.25%. This is the rate that influences the 'Prime Rate' that banks offer their customers for...

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Bank of Canada lowers overnight rate target to ¾ percent

Well that was unexpected... Here we go again!  Here's the highlights: For everyone wondering how this will impact current mortgage rates, here's the highlights: This is ANOTHER 0 .5% drop to the bank of Canada's 'overnight rate'. The 'overnight rate' is a rate that is used to influence bank's/lender's 'Prime Rate', which is used to calculate variable mortgage rates. Because the bank's 'Prime Rate(s)' will likely drop AGAIN (read: should drop), we will see that...

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Interest Rate Sign

Bank of Canada Raises Rates... Again!

October 24 2018. Bank of Canada raises overnight rate again, leading to prime rate increases.

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Bank of Canada Rate Update May 30, 2018

Rate update for the Bank of Canada, May 30th 2018.

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Bank of Canada Rate Update - April 18, 2018

As widely anticipated by economists, the Bank of Canada (BoC) has left its trendsetting policy rate at 1.25 per cent. Canada's central bank, however, expressed optimism about the economy picking up some speed in the April-to-June period after growth slowed down to 1.3 per cent in the first three months of ...

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